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SindhiGusto popup restaurant is my humble attempt to bring to lovely Londoners the authentic cuisine of Sindh ( formerly in undivided India), now in Pakistan. YES, it's another regional Indian cuisine, and NO it's not 'curry’. It is the food of Sindhis - the people of Sindh, who migrated from current day Pakistan to India in 1947.  Leaving behind all their possessions, all they took with them was their love of food: eating, cooking and sharing it with friends, neighbours, and family at one of their rummy and whisky parties accompanied by tongue-tickling nibbles.


Present day Sindh in Pakistan, lies to the west of India, bordering the states of Rajasthan and Gujarat in India, and Punjab and Baluchistan in Pakistan, with a wide southern coastline. Naturally, we love our fish, as much as meat and vegetables. Due to its vantage location, Sindh was conquered and occupied by the Persians, Greeks, Turkish, Arabs, Moghuls, Rajputs, through the ages. These rich cultural influences are reflected in the flavours and ingredients  of Sindhi cuisine, allowing us to please the palates of vegetarians, fish and meat eaters alike.


SindhiGusto has recently been featured in Dawn's article on Sindhi Cuisine. Dawn is the largest circulating English newspaper in Pakistan.


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