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I am Sapna Ajwani, an ex-banker turned chef and, food and & travel blogger. A sworn foodie, my love of food stems from my childhood memories of delicious meals at home, and in the kitchens of my foodie friends from all over India.  I grew up in Mumbai, the most cosmopolitan Indian city, and a melting pot of many Indian cultures. Discovering authentic food from all parts of the world is like religion for me. At SindhiGusto, I cook closely guarded family recipes not to be found in any restaurant, and always endeavour to make every meal a gastronomical delight.


A typical event at SindhiGusto always starts with our famous delicacy, the Sindhi Papad, also known as poppadums in the UK, but of course completely different to what you will have ever eaten, these are flavoured with cumin and black pepper, and extremely fluffy. As a child I used to see my parents always welcoming guests by offering 'Papad' and water. While the drink changed to tea, or whisky depending upon who was visiting and the time of day, the 'Papad' welcome stayed the same. It's funny, but in many ways the 'Sindhi Papad ' is almost a part of our identity. I recollect how my mates at school, university and even at work would refer to me as 'Papad', and still do when I go back for my annual visits. At 'SindhiGusto' the tradition continues.


About Sindh : Sindh has been inhabited for more than 7000 years. It is also the site of the famous Indus valley civilisation and the lost city of  Mohenjo-Daro. The Sindhi language which uses both the Arabic and the Indian Devanagari script, is recognised as one of the fifteen official languages in India. Sindh takes its name from the mighty Indus river (Sindhu in Sanskrit), which rises in the Himalayas and flows through China, India and Pakistan into the Arabian Sea. Karachi the capital of Sindh is the largest port, business and entertainment capital of Pakistan. Unsurprisingly many migrant Sindhis chose Bombay, now Mumbai, as their home in India. Most Hindu Sindhis have surnames ending in the letters ‘ANI’.

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